( 5:00 am )
  • 27
  • [ 62 ]

Rawalpindi Exp

( 9:15 am )
  • 48
  • [ 34 ]

Delhi Bazar

( 3:00 pm )
  • 40
  • [ ]


( 3:15 pm )
  • 72
  • [ ]

Shri Ganesh

( 4:30 pm )
  • 99
  • [ ]

King Club

( 7:50 pm )
  • 49
  • [ ]


( 6:00 pm )
  • 85
  • [ ]

Nainital Gold

( 6:30 pm )
  • 04
  • [ ]

South Delhi

( 7:30 pm )
  • 78
  • [ ]


( 8:15 pm )
  • 95
  • [ ]

West Delhi

( 9:40 pm )
  • 34
  • [ ]

Gali Special

( 10:30 pm )
  • 49
  • [ ]


( 11:00 pm )
  • 44
  • [ ]
रिफ्रेश करे

Satta is a Hindi term for betting and it is a kind of lottery. Originally Satta was initiated from the New York City of United States and later spread to the whole world based on the country rules of consideration for legal and illegal. In India, this majestic game was initiated in Mumbai but with time it gained immense popularity in various parts of the country. Despite Satta is banned in India, it is very popular in the country.

About us

Satta King Jai Shree Ganesh is a leading website that offers all and regular updates of the Satta market. We reflect the outcomes of the Satta King games rapidly within seconds after they have been declared. We are available on this platform merely for entertainment purposes and we do not possess any connection with SattaMatka Companies.

We love and respect our country and alongside respect its law system. Being honest citizens of India we are liable to obey all the rules and regulations of the nation. Hence we are not in favor of Satta King game or MatkaSatta. We cannot compel or insist anyone gets involved with MatkaSatta.

With the advent of the internet, now Satta King games are available on online platforms. There are numerous such website and apps pave a risk-free way for people to play online Satta. But we do not favor any such activity. Our website is available online for purely entertainment motives.

If you wish to place your game on our website then we welcome you. We offer you a separate admin panel to regularly update your result and fulfilling all your requirements. You can rapidly get the result of your desired market. Our website depicts the results of all popular games including, Shree Ganesh, DisawerGali, Gaziyabad Result Chart, Faridabad Result Chart, Malamaal, Moradabad Express, Durga Express, Rajkot Express, K.G. Gold, and many more Satta King Result Chart.

What is Satta King and Satta Matka?

The term Satta King is usually misinterpreted by people as a game. It means people consider Satta King as a game but that's not true. Satta King is a term representing the one who won the bet. SattaMatka is a lottery game. In the SattaMatka game term, 'Matka' refers to the pot that carries multiple number cards. The number of cards ranges from 0 to 99. People bet money on the particular chosen number between 0 to 99. There comes the turn to draw a number from the Matka. The one would be the fortunate winner whose number comes out in the draw. He would become the Satta King and will win the prize.

How to play SattaMatka game?

To play SattaMatka the player must choose three random numbers between 0 – 9.

The first set of numbers Suppose the numbers of your first pick are 3, 4, and 6. To add more stuff to the game the number is then summed up (3 + 4 + 6). Here the total is 13. You only use the single digit of unit place. In this consideration, it is 3. So your draw would be 3, 4, and 6 x 3.

The second set of numbers To choose the second set of numbers is not at all different from the procedure you followed to choose the first set of numbers. As a random example let's consider the numbers 8, 3, and 8. This gives a sum of 19. Again you have to choose the number of the unit place. Here it is 9. So the final pick for the second set of numbers is 8,3 and 8 X 9.

The final card would be like –(3,4,6 X 3)X(9 X 8,3,8)

Who should play the Satta King game?

Satta King is purely a luck-based game. Though, there are no set criteria for who should play the game but when it comes to winning it goes with the lucky one. Hence if you think yourself lucky then this game is for you. Try out your luck to win a jackpot.

Popular of Satta KingGames in India?

There are mainly four kinds of Satta games. They are- Disawar Satta King, Gali Satta King, Faridabad Satta King, Ghaziabad Satta King

Besides these four basic games, many Khaiwal started their own games. These include Hindustan, New Faridabad, Rajkot, Taj, Peshawar, K.G Gold New and many more.

What is Disawar Satta King?

Disawar is one of the most popular Satta King games. Visit our website DisawarSatta King page to discover the DisawarSatta King record chart. Its opening time is 5:00 A.M.

When does the Satta King result chart get updated?

Various Satta King game results open every day at different times. Thus the resulting chart gets updated every day. The players regularly check the updated record chart to do their guesswork. Many players draw up their own technique to win the Satta King game and win a large sum of money after analyzing the previous Satta King record chart.

What are the rules of the Satta King game?

If you look for the rules of the SattaMatka game, you will not find any hard and fast rules. It is simply a guessing game where the player needs to choose a number between 0-99. It is not a difficult game and anyone can become an expert on the game with a bit of a research work of the Satta King result chart.

How to pick the lucky number?

People often consider Satta King as a luck-based game but besides luck technique is also an important factor that works behind winning the game. If you really want to hit the game you must catch the technique.

There is no particular lucky number in Satta King. It may work for someone but besides seeking the lucky number. You must do some research work by checking out the charts of the Satta King game. A deep analysis of the chart will help you understand the pattern and discover the technique to win.

How to win the Satta King game?

Everyone wants to become a winner, no one likes to be a loser but it is not always a win-win situation. People always wish to hit the jackpot and for that, they try out numerous fair and unfair tricks to win the game. They spent time watching Youtube videos and google to find the best trick to crack the game. But all such tricks are nothing more than a wastage of time.

One must understand the game and its pattern. For that, you should understand the game properly and also the pattern of the result. You must check the pattern of the result of the game for the previous year. The same sequence will work for the upcoming year. This is the most ultimate trick to win the game. Further luck is the most powerful factor that works in the Satta King game.